Eton Farm Produce Kenya LTD

Eton Farm Produce Kenya Limited begun in February 2015 trading under the business name, Agro science Solution. In July 2021, it changed its name and registered as a limited company trading as Eton Farm Produce Kenya limited.

The company has over the years worked as an aggregator, and a value add company, buying various cereals from farmers across the East Africa region and polishing, sorting and repackaging and selling to large retailers and stores including super markets, institutions and companies across East Africa market.

We deal in all cereals including and not limited to Green grams, Maize, Beans, Rice, Wheat, sugar, nuts, dates, honey, spices, meat, fish and all other food stuffs.

We also deal in all manner of fresh produce and vegetables including Spinach, Kales, arrow roots, cassava, potatoes, sweet potatoes, traditional vegetables, fruits etc.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the market leader in import and export and key supplier of cereals, vegetables, fruits and food stuff in east African market.

Our Mission

To see a world well-fed, free of hunger.

Our Core Values

- Honesty

- Efficiency

- Reliability